Giving to Your Alma Mater

St. Mary Gate of Heaven has provided all of us with many fond memories and friends in our lives. It was our first school – a safe and nurturing environment. St. Mary Gate of Heaven was and continues to be one of the most important and beneficial influences in our lives and helped to shape who we became.

One of the Alumni Association’s goals, besides providing great memories and interesting information, as well as a way for us to reconnect and communicate with our grammar school buddies, is to harness the power and generosity of our Alumni to be sure that St. Mary Gate of Heaven continues to provide an outstanding education to the community and provide the less financially able, but deserving students, with a chance to experience the opportunities we had. It is our opportunity to give back.

Please consider making a donation to the new St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy so the education we received can continue into the future. Your donations will take the form of scholarship assistance. In so doing, be assured that this charitable gift will fortify the tuition stream and help to sustain the mission of the Academy – to prepare students for their future!